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Moving Supplies | Store Rooms Self Storage

We sell the following moving and packing supplies at each facility. Discounts for larger quantities are available - please contact the relevant facility for details.

Use our form below to pre-order the items you want to pick up at the facility. Please note that the products listed below are just a partial sampling of the items available, and the products available may vary by location.
Qty Product Description Each Total
Qty Product Description Each Total
Bubble Wrap SP- 301 3/16, 16in x 9ft' $4.66 $
Wrapping Paper SP-2036 Mover One 10# Newsprint $16.18 $
Chair Bag Storage Cover SP-9050 Chair Cover 46x78 $3.90 $
Sofa Bag Storage Cover SP-9040 Sofa Cover 46 x 134 $3.80 $
Mattress - Twin Storage Cover SP-9000 Twin Mattress Cover 40x10x86 $4.12 $
Mattress - Full Storage Cover SP-9010 Full Mattress Cover 54x10x86 $4.78 $
Mattress - Queen Storage Cover SP-9020 Queen Mattress Cover 61x10x90 $5.36 $
Mattress - King Storage Cover SP-9030 King Mattress Cover 78x10x96 $5.80 $
Dust Covers SP-9060 Dust Cover 10x20 $6.00 $
Small Boxes PSS-901 Mover One Small Moving Box 16x12.5x12.5 $1.84 $
Medium Boxes PSS-902 Mover One Medium Moving Box 18x18x16 $3.10 $
Large Boxes PSS-903 Mover One Large Moving Box 24x18x18 $3.86 $
Extra Large Boxes SP-904 Mover One Extra Large Movng Box 24x18x24 $5.26 $
Wardrobe Boxes SP-906 Mover One Wardrobe Box w/ Bar 24x20x45 $19.68 $
Packing Tape SP-819 Crystal Clear Packaging Tape 2in x 60yds $4.40 $
Box Cutters SP-700 Carton Cutter $1.98 $

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